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What are the benefits of using C.A.T.S.?
  • Security: After an inspection by authorities and veterinarians, the cattle are loaded into specially developed CATS for transportation from our farm directly to yours. After being loaded, the cattle remain inside the container until arrival at your farm.

  • Exceptional Care Expert veterinarians and attendants travel with the animals to ensure proper treatment and care. With only 14 animals per container, they are treated in an isolated environment, resulting in more room for each animal and better care overall. Reduces disease, reduce death, reduces stench often associated with livestock shipments.

  • Customized Meals & Clean Water: The food has been formulated by Sexing Technologies and produced by the ST Feed Mill to provide optimal nutrition during the voyage. In fact, in some instances the animals actually gain weight during the trip. The water of each container is also kept constantly fresh using a custom watering system.

  • Fresh Air: Using a specialized fan system and windows, each container has excellent ventilation.

  • Dry, Comfortable Bedding: The bedding is freshened daily or as needed to maintain a dry and healthy environment for the animals.

What documentation do I need?
Our goal is to make the import/export process as low-stress and simple as possible. The documentation is often one of the most tedious, stressful parts of the import/export process, so the experienced staff at ST Repro manage that process and verify all of the documentation is in order for each animal, including:

    • USA Holstein Association Certificates
    • Banking Paperwork
    • Export/Import Documentation
    • Customs Declarations for the destination country
    • Veterinary Testing required by the destination country

    How is the cattle selected?
    Cattle are located by experts at Sexing Technologies® to meet the needs of our valued clients. The cattle are selected based on soundness of confirmation, excellent breeding, and quality genetics. Furthermore, the cattle undergo strict testing to meet the health requirements for the destination country.

    Is there animal care after arrival?
    Your animals will arrive happy and healthy. Although your veterinarian will provide you with information to keep your animals in top shape, we would like to stress the importance of feeding a well-balanced diet. Contact your local nutritional advisor for feed advice, and be sure to follow the recommended vaccination schedule for your country.

    What kind of species can be shipped?
    ST Reproduction Technologies usually works with this kind of species: Cattle, Swine, Goats, Horses and even  Llamas.


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